Interested in learning guitar?  From beginner to advanced, we have a place for you. Here’s the class progression for our guitar students:

Guitar Teacher Matt Crandall, teaching guitar lessons in Kansas City, MOLevel 1 – Beginners

This class starts right from the top–how to tune your guitar, learning your first chords, strum  patterns, how to read chord charts, and rhythmic notation reading.

Level 2 – Progressing

Level 2 builds on Level 1, adding 7th & 9th chords to the student’s repertoire, learning more complex strum patters, learning popular songs, and introduces barre chords.

Level 3 – Advanced/Private Lessons

We encourage guitarists to take Level 3 private lessons concurrently with a Rock Band Class.  Level 3 teaches soloing, using effects pedals, song writing, 1st & 2nd position barre chords, and more specific training depending on the students’ interests.

The goal of all our classes to is get students playing music and having fun.  We host student performances each semester and encourage our students to get out and play as much as possible.

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