You have lots of options when it comes to music teachers and music schools.  Here’s some highlights of what makes KC Rock Band & Guitar a great choice for your student:

Our teachers have their degrees in Music Education or Music Performance.  They have years of experience teaching in the public schools, private schools, and out of their own private studios.  They continue their own personal music education, so always remember what it’s like to be a student themselves!  Our teachers love music and love teaching others.  Our goal is for students to gain a lifetime love of music, to feel the excitement of struggling and reaching challenging goals, to perform with confidence, and learn to speak the language of music.

We believe strongly in the value of performing when learning music.  It’s a goal to work towards and a rewards payoff for all the lessons and practicing students have done.  For a student to take lessons indefinitely and never get to show off their accomplishments is a recipe for losing motivation and interest.  We also believe standing on a stage builds confidence (even if it’s a little scary at first!).  Learning poise and how to present oneself in front of a group is a skill students will use for the rest of their lives.  We also look for other performing opportunities around town for our groups!


~GROUPS FROM THE GET-GOrock band saxophone
Music is inherently a group activity.  We perform for others, we listen to others, we play with others.  So having a student learn and play in isolation is to lose one of the great parts of music–it connects people!  We teach the first two levels of guitar lessons in small groups to have students get used to playing in front of others and get used to listening. After level 2, most are ready to join a Rock Band Class!  Some instruments don’t lend themselves to learning in groups, so we get them into the Rock Band Class as soon as they are ready (which doesn’t take too long, actually!)

We pick good music for the students to play.  It’s fun, it’s what they like, it’s interesting, and exciting to play!