Hello KCRB students and families!

             If you read our newsletters, you’ve seen our Student of the Month feature.  A few years ago, I started an additional tradition of naming a Student of the Year.  We pick this student based on a few things – they have been with us a long time, are wonderful musicians and people, and typically are graduating from school or moving into a new big phase of life.  This month I am pleased to introduce our 2022 Student of the Year!

Landon Mainard

            Landon has been my drum student since June of 2016.  That’s six and a half years of drumming!  He’s an incredible drummer and a ton of fun to be around.  Over the years at KCRB, Landon has been the drummer for many of our Rock Bands, participated in every recital, and played in additional concerts outside KCRB.  He graduated from Blue Springs South High School this past June and is attending college at MCC Blue River.

            I’m so proud of Landon, and it’s been an honor to have been his teacher for these past six years.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from all of us at
KC Rock Band & Guitar School of Music!

Our Rock Band Classes both gave Christmas Recitals during the last week of December. These kids rock, and both groups did a fantastic job! December concerts are always a good stretch for students because we have much less time to prepare than for our Fall recitals. I love seeing the students grow and do more than they think they can in a short amount of time.

Monday Band!
Tuesday Band!

2022 Student of the Year – Landon Mainard