Setting Musical Goals for 2019

I used to be a HUGE goal setter—as in, yearly goal setting meetings, checklists, flow charts, five-year plans, ten-year plans, anything and everything related to goals and progress. I loved it all! But between 6 to 8 years ago, I lost all goal setting zeal. What happened? Perhaps it was having three babies in 4 years! As you can imagine, I had to change my plans and goals drastically as our family grew, until I finally stopped making goals at all—I was too much in “survive the baby years” mode to think past one week (or day). Plus I was seeing how all my to-do lists and plans for even one day could easily come undone by the immediate needs of an infant.

But now that my youngest is 4 and all my kids are much more self-sufficient, I find myself dreaming a bit about future plans…and possibly goal setting?!? Not nearly with the fervor that I used to (which is probably a lot healthier!) but setting small goals that I hold a little more loosely and flexibly than I did before; we can plan, but it’s ok that life is unpredictable.

This week, I looked over my teaching schedule and wrote down areas of growth for each student on my roster. It was an excellent exercise to get me in tune with where each student is and what could be a good direction for them to grow. I wrote things like, “creativity in soloing, coordination progress, building confidence through easy songs”.

One of our wonderful piano teachers, Sara Jenkins, shared an article with me by Meridee Winters, a Pennsylvania based piano teacher and method book(s) writer. Winters had five great ideas for music teachers based on setting goals for themselves and their students’ musical progress. The article inspired me, and my students will start seeing more “colorful” practice assignments in their folders thanks to the article! (I’m using colorful markers to highlight what students should do at home and hopefully add a little motivation and clarity for home practice. Let me know if you like it!)

From all of us at KC Rock Band & Guitar, we wish you a joyful and musical 2019!
Laura Lee Crandall
Owner, KC Rock Band & Guitar

Important Upcoming Dates

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February 22 – Makeup Lesson, 6:00-7:00pm
April 26 & 27—Spring Concerts! Both at 6:00pm

Emma Krueger— KCRB Student of the Month

Emma has been taking piano lessons with Sara Jenkins for a little over a year! She has a great work ethic and cheerful attitude. Congrats, Emma, on being chosen as our student of the month! Here’s more about Emma:

  1. Why did you choose piano? I took piano lessons in 2nd grade then I quit. I chose to try piano again to see if I liked it better since I was 12 when I came to KCRB. It’s a lot more fun now!
    2. What has been your favorite song learned so far?
    This is Me, because it was a challenge and from one of the favorite movies, The Greatest Showman.
    3. Do you have any goal songs?
    I’m Still Standing by Elton John
    4. What are your other hobbies?
    Playing soccer, playing trombone, riding horses, tubing at the lake, coding, attending Space Camp, and training my dog.
    5. Do you have advice for other students?
    Never be afraid of a challenge, and if there is a rhythm that seems too hard, try tapping it out on your leg a few times before you try to play it. Oh yeah, and PRACTICE!

Seeing live music is as much education as it is entertainment—so get out and catch some of these musicians in KC in the next few months.  Some are huge stars, some are local musicians (*and KCRB teachers!), all are worth seeing.

*Black Jackets (Matt Crandall KCRB Teacher) – Feb 1, The Levee
Kelly Clarkson – Feb 7, Sprint Center
*Midnight Rodeo (Laura Lee Crandall KCRB Teacher) – Feb 9, The Outpost
Kansas City Symphony – Feb 9, Helzberg Hall–Kauffman
Elton John – Feb 13, Sprint Center
*Ronni Ward Band (Michael English KCRB teacher) – Feb 16, Jerry’s Bait Shop
*Midnight Rodeo (Laura Lee Crandall KCRB Teacher) – Feb 23, The Landing, NorthKC
John Mellencamp – March 14, The Midland
Michael Buble – March 20, Sprint Center
Switchfoot – March 29, Uptown Theater
*Ronni Ward Band (Michael English KCRB teacher) – March 29, Christine’s Firehouse
*Black Jackets (Matt Crandall KCRB Teacher) – March 9, Konrad’s Lees Summit


Backing off on the goals…