Dealing with Performance Anxiety

Guess what!! Recitals are just around the corner! Are you nervous to perform? Afraid of the audience or making a mistake? You aren’t alone. Here are some things to remember as you get ready for your show:

  1. Practice the performance.

As musicians, we practice our music and technique all the time, but most people don’t realize the performance is a whole ‘nother thing! So pretend you are at the show. Make part of your living room the stage and practice walking on-stage, setting up your music, and playing start to finish. (Don’t stop if you make a mistake!) Then take a bow, imagine the crowd roaring with applause, and walk of stage. Do this many times! Then grab a friend or two and have them watch you. It’s easier to play in front of a few and work up to a whole crowd. You can also set up a video camera to simulate the feeling of an audience. If you do these steps, you will be calmer and more prepared when the time comes for the recital.

  1. Remember, the audience is on your side.

It’s helpful to remember that the people there to see you play are on your team! They want you to succeed and are supporting you whole-heartedly. Imagine the crowd as your own fan club. They are happy to be there and excited to hear what you’ve been learning.

  1. No one is perfect and even the pros mess up all the time.

If you need proof, just search youtube for some cringe-inducing videos of superstars falling down on stage, forgetting words, or singing terribly off pitch. They are allowed to make mistakes, and so are you. Decide to be ok if something goes wrong, and just keep going. Chances are people will not remember the mistake, or even hear it!

We are so excited for our students to show what they’ve been working on!

You’re going to be awesome 🙂

Laura Lee Crandall
Owner, KC Rock Band & Guitar

Fall Recitals are Here!

Everyone is invited – these concerts are free and open to the public.

   Dates: Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17

   Time: Both at 6:00pm

   Location: Evangel Youth Building

1414 E 103rd St. Kansas City, MO — across the parking lot behind the main church building. Look for the red door!

Different students and bands perform on each night, so you’re invited to come to both and see an amazing variety of performances!




Dealing with Performance Anxiety