This month, I get to brag on our own Karren Schiele–in May, Karren completed her Masters of Music and Worship degree!   We are SO proud of her!  I interviewed Karren to hear more about her experience while getting the degree: 

Karren is the Primary Staff Musician at Grace Baptist Church.  She leads the band, plays at every service and event, chooses the order of service, and plays a part in all things music at the church.  Her goal for getting her Masters was to better educate her congregation musically, help develop church
musicians and musical leadership in the church, and to better teach her KC Rock Band students.

A few highlights of the degree she mentioned:

  1. Learning to use Finale Music Notation software, which makes her life a lot easier while preparing for students and other musicians.  
  2. Understanding different types of learners; that each student is unique and choosing how to teach based on the individual personality
  3. Being able to relate even better with students because she just got done being a student herself!

Do you ever get intimidated or scared about attempting to learn a new skill?  Karren understands!  She said starting out was scary- “Would I be accepted into the college?  Is this a mistake?  Will this degree be good for what I want to do?”  But she moved forward even though uncertain, succeeded, and is now looking to continuing on for a Doctorate of Music one day!  We are so proud of Karren and are thankful she’s part of our KCRB team. 

 All the teachers at KCRB were beginners at one point.   Many of us still take lessons and classes to continue improving.  We understand what it’s like to try something new and struggle through different parts of it.  We love sharing the skill and joy of music with our students.  Thank you for choosing KC Rock Band & Guitar as your music school!

Laura Lee Crandall
Owner, KC Rock Band & Guitar School of Music

Teacher survey – What venues do you love to watch live music?

Sara Jenkins – Cheyenne Frontier Days

Josh Talley – Red Rocks!

Matt Crandall – Grinders in the Crossroads, Arrowhead  Stadium (for U2!)

Michael English – The Greek Theater, Music Hall, Village Vanguard, and the Exit/Inn

Laura Lee – the Record Bar because it’s small and you’re very close to the stage and BBs Lawnside BBQ—especially for the food ☺ 

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you soon in music lessons 🙂

Karren got her Masters!