I really like apps.  I love how I can deposit a check, take online classes, and read books all on my iPad.  And while we still call them “phones”, isn’t it amazing how much can be done with these computers that fit in our pocket?

But what I like even more is how the technology makes our musical world richer.  One example: for almost my entire musical career, I have used a boring old metronome for boring old tasks like scales and rudiments.  But in the past few years I have started encouraging my students to play along with songs they like to keep practice fun and engaging.  Great thought, but that doesn’t work very well if the songs are too fast for the rudiments you’re trying to learn, or they aren’t in the key of the scales you’re playing!   So why not use a drum machine app instead?  Playing scales with a backbeat feels so much better…

Here’s a few to check out (but there are tons out there, search Drum Loops or Drum Machines):

Music Studio
Drum Beats

What’s your favorite?

Music + Technology = Better Practice Part 1