Components of Musicality – Part 2 – Rhythm

           For a few months we are looking at what goes into making a person “musical”. Last month we explored singing in tune. This month, let’s dive into RHYTHM.

Rhythm is strong, repeated patterns or sounds. It is the systematic arrangement of musical sounds. It’s the beat of a song! Some people seem to have a natural sense of rhythm—they know where to clap in a song and they can stay with other musicians’ tempos. Other people have to work at it a little harder. Just like I said last month about singing in tune—rhythm can be learned and developed! It’s NOT just something you are born with or missed out on.

If you find it hard to feel the beat or keep a steady beat as you play, there are many ways to improve in this area. I have found that a wonderful way to improve is to DANCE!   Taking a dance class or just dancing at home will greatly help you feel the beat and get the rhythm moving through your body. Turn on music and see if you can march to the beat by taking steps in time with the music. If this is a struggle, enlist someone to help you find the beat and follow their lead as they march/step to the music.

Playing along to music or a metronome and counting your music’s rhythms out loud are other great ways to improve. There are lots of tracks on Youtube of drum loops at different speeds. Look up, “Drum Loop 80 bpm” or whatever tempo you’d like to practice.

Many years ago, I had a shy, young drum student from a small rural town. He seemed hopeless when it came to rhythm—I tried every trick I had to get him to hear the beat and I started to wonder if I was going to run out of tools before he could get it. Right before Christmas break we started marching around the room to Christmas music, and little by little, he showed improvement. But it wasn’t until he came back after break that I saw HUGE growth in his ability. Suddenly, he could play drums with a steady beat! “How did you do it?!”, I asked. He smiled a sheepish, country boy grin, and answered, “We got an X-Box and Rock Band game for Christmas.” J Whatever works!!

Have a great day, we love you guys!

-Laura Lee Crandall, owner, KCRB



Student of the Month – Cindy Vogel

Cindy has been taking drum lessons with Laura Lee for 10 months and is already a rock star J She has an amazing attitude and loves to learn. Here’s a little more about Cindy:

Why did you start taking drum lessons?
Because life is short and I’ve always wanted to!

What has been a favorite thing you’ve learned so far?
A highlight was learning my son’s favorite song, and learning the drum fills—I LOVE the fills.

Do you have any goal songs?
I’m going to play Sweet Home Alabama for the recital.

What are you other hobbies besides drumming?
Boxing, motorcycles, and cars

What are some words of advice for musicians getting started?
Just have fun, because if you have fun, it will all come to you. Just enjoy it!

Congratulations Cindy, you’re doing an amazing job!

What is Musicality? Part 2 – Rhythm