For the last few months, we’ve featured stories of important moments in our teachers’ musical lives. This month, KCRB guitar/bass teacher Josh Talley tells the story of the first song he learned on guitar:

I have to thank my dad for anything musical in my life. Some people call him a living legend in the state of Arkansas as a singer-songwriter, rocker, all that stuff. He learned his first song on guitar back in 1973. He had played bass in some bands, but was now learning to play guitar from a friend of his. The first song his friend taught him was Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan. He picked it up and it started a life-long obsession with Bob Dylan for him.
Fast forward 20 years to a little punk, a mixed-up kid in Dumas, Arkansas. I was just wild and crazy. I started taking guitar from Ms. Lynn Thompson, and I wanted to learn Metallica! But guess what the first song she taught me was? Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan. I’ve had a close connection with that song ever since, because of my dad.

-Josh Talley

  Check out Josh and his guitar student, Eliot Wagner, perform their version of Blowin’ in the Wind:

Student of the Month – Meghan Parks
Meghan Parks has been taking guitar lessons at KCRB for 1 year and just added voice lessons this month. Her teacher, Matt Crandall, chose her for the Student of the Month because she’s enthusiastic about learning, asks great questions about her lesson assignments, and always has a positive attitude. Way to go, Meghan!
Here’s a little more about her:

Why did you start taking lessons on guitar? So I could play guitar for my boys every night like my dad did for me.
What’s your favorite song you’ve learned so far? Teach Your Children, by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
What draws you to music? That you can take any song and put your own spin on it.
Have you played anywhere outside KC Rock Band & Guitar? Open mic nights
Any advice to other student musicians? Get through the part where you don’t sound good at all—take it in stride and don’t expect perfection immediately.

Student of the Month – Meghan Parks
My First Song – Josh Talley