Our Fall concert is this month! As a teacher, I love the weeks leading up to recitals. Students focus in a new deeper way, and everyone get to see the pieces come together for what they’ve been working so hard on for the last several months!   Our concerts are free to the public and open for anyone to attend, so come see what the students can do! You’ll be blown away!

EVANGEL YOUTH LODGE – 1414 E 103rd St. Kansas City, MO

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Congrats Rock Band Students!
They put on an EXCELLENT show at the Evangel Community Halloween Party!

KCRB Performing at Halloween Party




Referral Gift CertificateWe love our KCRB students and want more just like you!

If you refer a friend or non-immediate family member and they sign up for lessons at KCRB, you AND your friend both get a $25 gift certificate for music lessons!

There is no limit to the number of referral gift certificates you can receive!



Consider tweaking one thing this month to help you or your child have more effective and consistent practice:

Leave the instrument and music out and ready!

I (Laura Lee) started implementing this tip with my ukulele and it’s made a surprising difference! I used to leave the uku in it’s soft case, as I considered it easy enough to access. But just by making the simple switch of leaving it out of the case, (but still in safe spot) near my music stand, with music out and ready to go, I’ve found I’ll pick it up and play for a few minutes here and there just for fun more and more—which adds up to significantly more time on the instrument that in weeks past for me!

Try it out for yourself this month and see what happens! Tiny practice sessions can be meaningful too!


Teacher Spotlight:

Matt Crandall – Co-Owner and TeacherMatt Crandall
Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Rock Band






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