Hello KCRB students!

   Our Spring Recitals are just over a week away and I’m very excited to see the students perform.  Recitals are a hugely rewarding part of our job as music teachers—watching our students show how much they have learned over the past few months and sharing their music with others is awesome!  I often tear up 

  For students that are feeling nervous about being onstage, here’s a practice idea to try out this week: 

              Record yourself performing at home.

    It doesn’t have to be professional recording quality, and it certainly doesn’t have to be shared with anyone, but being able to watch ourselves from an outside perspective helps us see many things we normally can’t.

  I’ve done this on many occasions and thought things like,
“I didn’t realize I was so tense in my arms”, or “I’m speeding up on that section”, or even, “that sounded really good!”   We are usually our own worst critic, so seeing our progress on video can be super encouraging.  You may also notice that a mistake that seemed huge to you while playing, doesn’t appear that noticeable from an audience’s perspective.   Try it out this week!

    We’re looking forward to sharing music and having an awesome concert!  Call if you need anything!

Laura Lee Crandall

Student of the Month – Anthony Seck

Congratulation, Anthony, our April Student of the Month!  Anthony is a fantastic pianist studying with Karren Schiele.  He has been our student for 9 months and has a wonderful ear for music.  Here’s a little more about Anthony:

Age: 12
School and grade:    Blue Valley Middle, 6th Grade
 Favorite song so far?    Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin
Are you in music groups outside of KCRB?   Band in school
Why did you start taking lessons?  My family and friends who played the piano inspired me.
What’s your favorite book?  Harry Potter
Any advice for other young musicians?   Don’t rush through or skip parts when learning.
Way to go, Anthony!  You’re doing great !

Practice the Performance – Record Yourself!