Happy August, KCRB students!  

            Please note—we are closed September 5 & 6 – this is one of our four scheduled weeks off per year. 

            I hope everyone had a fantastic summer!  Our household was pretty busy—family reunions, several trips, and Matt and I both had a lot of shows with the bands we perform in.  It has been wonderful to have live music coming back in a huge way after the last few years!  I’ve noticed Kansas City is hosting some really great shows this fall, so I hope you can get out and see live music, too!  I had a drum set teacher once tell me, “A live show is worth three lessons,” and I agree!

            This month I asked Bryson Thomas, one of our incredible guitar teachers, to share a musical memory that had a great impression on him:

      My first musical experience came from playing four chord worship songs in my church band.  That setting is excellent for learning the basics of playing with other people.  I enjoyed it, but I was starting to crave more musical enrichment. 
     That’s when my first music teacher, Abigail, changed everything for me. She would take her students on field trips to jazz clubs, rock shows, and underground art shows to see people performing in the city.  That exposed to me to a world I’m still in love with today.  She taught me musical skills I didn’t appreciate at the time, but they came in handy when I went to college to study music and began playing shows with my own bands.  I would not be where I am at musically, culturally, or artistically without her direction at such a young age. 

            -Bryson Thomas

Thank you so much, Bryson!  It’s my hope that we here at KC Rock Band & Guitar will have the same impact on our students—teaching them musical skills that last a lifetime and being a positive influence in their lives!             

     Thank you for choosing KC Rock Band & Guitar for your music lessons!  We love having you as a student!  Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you in any way.  

Laura Lee Crandall, owner KCRB
(816)419-8526 Crandall

Student of the Month – Danni Montes

Danni Montes has been taking voice and drum set lessons at KCRB for two years, and also plays in the Monday Rock Band!  Her voice teacher, Ryan Sieh, said he chose Danni to  be the student of the month because, “Danni is a hard worker and always practices and knows her songs!”

      Way to go, Danni! Here’s a little more about her:

Age: 12
School and grade: Odessa Middle, 6th
Why did you start taking lessons?  Because of my dream to become a singer
What’s your favorite song learned so far?  Dog Days
Are you in any other music groups?  Choir at school
What do you like about music?  The good message in so many songs
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A famous singer!

Watch for Danni in the future—she’s going to be a star!

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