You only get two ears. 
Keep them hearing as long as possible!

In September, I went to the U2 Concert at Arrowhead stadium with my husband and fellow KCRB owner, Matt, and my sister, Julie. Beck was the opening act. It was a great show all around; we had a blast. And it was unbelievably loud. All three of us brought earplugs and we were so glad we did. A few years ago I realized I only get these two ears, and when hearing loss occurs, it doesn’t come back. So I got serious about protecting my hearing. Here’s some things you can do to keep your hearing as long as possible, and continue your enjoyment of music for the rest of your life!

Become sensitive to volume levels – Any situation that is so loud you
have to shout to hear the person next to you is loud enough to
damage your hearing – concerts, lawn mowers, even loud restaurants.
Matt and I both have musician earplugs that are very comfortable and keep the quality of sound great. You can get generic ones online, or have them custom made to fit your ears at an audiologist’s clinic. Take frequent breaks by stepping outside for about 5 minutes to let your ears rest.

Headphones vs. Ear Buds – According to the World Health Organization, 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults worldwide are at risk for noise-induced hearing loss from unsafe use of audio devices. Ear buds are especially dangerous because they sit right next to the eardrum. Over-ear headphones are safer. Parents can also set volume level limits of kids’ devices to make sure they aren’t turning them up too loud.

Use the 60/60 rule – listen to music at 60% volume for no more than 60 minutes a day.

Hope you have a wonderful month! Wishing you all the best,
Laura Lee Crandall
Owner, KC Rock Band & Guitar School of Music

Upcoming Live Music in KC 

Go out and hear some live music! It’s fun, and it’ll make you a better musician 😉  

Oct 15 – Pixies
Oct 15 – Jazz & BBQ at UMKC
Oct 19 – Out of This World – a sensory-friendly family concert at Kansas City Symphony Oct 19 – Janet Jackson
Oct 20 – NeedtoBreath
Oct 22 – The Beach Boys
Oct 26,-29 – Hansel und Gretel – Fall opera at UMKC Oct 28 – Spooktakular Strings – Kansas City Symphony
Nov 7 –Victor Wooten Trio
Nov 9 – Skillet

Student of the Month –Joaquin Capra

Joaquin has been taking guitar lessons at KCRB for over a year and a half, first with Matt Crandall and now with Ryan Head! He is excited to play guitar and is learning a lot. Here’s a little about Joaquin!

Why did you choose guitar?
It was the first instrument that came to mind, and I always wanted to play guitar.

What has been your favorite song you’ve learned so far?
Best Day of My Life and Star Wars

What are your other hobbies?
Video games and sports—football and baseball

What is your favorite food?
Orange Chicken

What grade are you in?

Congratulations, Joaquin! Keep up the good work!





Want to protect your hearing for a lifetime? You have to be proactive!