Why do we teach music?

Hello there!

Lately I’ve been musing over the deeper reasons our music school exists. To teach music lessons to the citizens of Kansas City, of course! But there is something more I’m trying to pinpoint, mission-statement style. Something on the lines of: We believe every person has the ability to be creative. KCRB is a place for each student to explore and develop their creativity.

Well, that’s a start. I think being creative is an incredible facet of being a human. But there’s more too. What about the grit and courage pursuing music adds to our lives? I’ve been overjoyed lately hearing stories of our students taking risks and trying new things. One shy singer auditioned for (and won!) a solo part at Theater Camp. Several have auditioned for drumlines and jazz bands. Some made it, some didn’t—but all learned from the experience and are better for it. So maybe add in….At KCRB, we want to instill confidence in our students to try new things, share their music with others, and find they have the more strength inside than they realized.

Too cheesy? Nah, I believe it! And of course, to share the joy and enrichment music brings to our lives. Playing drums, ukulele, or singing brings me so much happiness, and I love sharing that with my students.

That’s a peak into my brain of a few reasons why we do what we do.   I don’t know how companies make their mission statements short—I could keep going for paragraphs!

Happy June!

Laura Lee Crandall

Owner, KC Rock Band & Guitar School of Music

May Student of the Month – Will Galloway

Will has been taking guitar lessons at KCRB for 1 year with Ryan Head. He works hard and has a great attitude! Here’s a bit about Will:

Grade and age?
5th Grade, 10 years old
Why did you choose guitar?
I was inspired by the song, The Ring of Fire
What’s your favorite song you’ve learned so far?
Amazing Grace?
What are your other hobbies?
Basketball, biking, baseball, and drawing.

Great job, Will! Keep it up!

A Sampling of Upcoming Live Music in Kansas City

June 22-24 – Kansas City Symphony Season Finale

July 9 – Béla Fleck and the Flecktones

July 13 – Jason Isbell

July 14 – Imagine Dragons

July 20 – Blues Traveler

July 25 – Journey

July 31 – Walk the Moon

August 8 – Shinedown

August 31 – Jason Mraz

Get out and see some music this summer–There are TONS of choices in Kansas City!

WHY do we teach music?