Celebrating Student Achievements!

Congratulations to the students who performed at the August 7th Concert!

Jason M., Neema K., Joaquin C.,

Hannah M., Vanessa S., Maxwell S., Savanna S., Anabell H., Mathew K.,

Marie G., Bryan M., Joshua P.,

Sara S., Ashly H., Kass F.,

Harmony O., Colton T., Anawat C.,

Debbie H., Jason K., Joy K., Olivia S.

Technology for Music

Learning to read music?  Check out these apps that make note recognition into a game!  Each one has different features, so preview them to see which could be the best fit for you.

Apple options –

Note Perfect!  Piano Notes!  My Note Games Flashnote Derby Note Squish

Android options –

Flashnote Derby Note Trainer  Music Trainer  Music Tutor Site Read

Back to School!

And back to music lessons!

Spots are filling up, so call us TODAY to get the best time for you!

Instruments we teach:

-Guitar                      -Drums

-Piano                      -Bass

-Voice (Singing)       -Ukulele

-Saxophone             -Flute

-Clarinet               ALL AGES!


Important Dates
Aug. 31 – Lessons Resume!

Sept. 7 – Labor Day — We are OPEN!  Lessons take place as normal.

Nov. 20 – FALL CONCERT!  7:00pm

Nov. 23-27 – Thanksgiving Break, NO LESSONS

Dec. 21 – Jan. 1 – Christmas Break, NO LESSONS

Jan. 4 – Lessons Resume

Live Shows to see in KC

“A live performance is worth at least three private lessons.”     -Doug Aurwarter

8/21 – Foo Fighters – rock

8/21 – Lady Antebellum – country

8/30 – Boston – 80s rock

9/26 – Audra McDonald – Broadway

9/21   – Taylor Swift -pop

10/10 –Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan – mariachi

10/15 – Dr. John – funk/jazz

10/18 – Jake Shimabukuro – ukulele master

11/29 – Lights and The Mowgli’s – alternative rock

12/8 – The Who – 70s rock

12/15 – Straight No Chaser – a cappella 

KCRB Teacher Spotlight: 

Karren Schiele – Voice & Piano Teacher

Years teaching: 25

Education: University of Missouri – Kansas City Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Arts in Music

Favorite Musical Genre: Jazz

Current song stuck in your head: Happy

Favorite Food: Cabbage and Cornbread

Hobbies besides music: Watching decorating and design shows, & board games. Scrabble, Taboo, Clue—I’m very competitive! And my grandson is the highlight of my life!

Favorite Movie: I don’t like movies–I always fall asleep!

Birthdate and Place:  Halloween, 1970, in Chicago, IL.

Favorite Vacation:  Bahamas & Jamaica

Favorite thing about teaching music:  The people–the different personalities; understanding each person and fulfilling their needs.

Newsletter EssayThe Power of a Teacher – by Laura Lee CrandallEvery now and then, when someone you look up to stops what they are doing and sincerely encourages you, it can change the direction of your life.  At least it has for me!  I have several vivid memories from my growing-up years that were just such moments.

I was in a trumpet lesson my senior year of high school (did you know I used to play trumpet? It’s a secret!), when my teacher looked over and said, “You keep playing like that, and you’ll play the rest of your life.”  Not having much belief in myself or my abilities at that time, it was staggering to me that someone as talented as him would think I had a future in music.

Years later, during a period of self-doubt in college, I was on the brink of quitting everything and changing my major to something other than music.  A dear professor found me sitting outside the music building at UMKC and must have recognized what I was thinking.  He took time to tell me the progress he saw in me and his confidence in my potential.  It was all I needed to keep going.

Moments like those that have kept me going during hard seasons of life, both in and out of musical settings.  To know someone believes in you–and thinks you’re good!—it’s worth more than gold.

It doesn’t have to be a music teacher, of course: a coach, parent, boss, youth group leader.  But I am honored to have the job I do as a music teacher.  I have many goals for my students: how to play music, to learn discipline, how to practice and work hard, and to be able to play for their own enjoyment the rest of their lives.  But beyond those goals, my hope is that every one of my students leaves lessons knowing I believe in them, and that belief adds to their own strength and perseverance to get through life.

So to my wonderful teachers from throughout my life– Greg, Kyle, Becca, Mrs. Bovenschen, Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Auwarter, Dr. Parisi, Dr. Lidge, Dr. Elswick – Thank you for believing in me!

-Laura Lee


August 2015 Newsletter – Music Learning Apps