September 2015 – News and Tips for you!

Hope you all are having a wonderful September!  We’re off and rolling with lessons and having a blast–what amazing students you all are!
 IMPORTANT CHANGE!  Due to a calendar/event conflict at Evangel, we are moving our Fall Concert to THURSDAY, November 19.  The concert will take place after normally scheduled lessons that evening.  More details to come!  Please let me know ASAP if that causes any problems for you!   Thanks so much!


Thursday nights from 5:30-6:30, an ALL-GIRL rock band class is rehearsing and there is still space for YOU to join!
Call Laura Lee at (816)419-8526 for info!


Important Dates
Sept 25 – Make-Up Lesson 6pm
Nov. 19 – THURSDAY – FALL CONCERT!  7:00pm
Nov. 20  – Make-Up Lesson 6pm
Nov. 23-27 – Thanksgiving Break, NO LESSONS
Dec. 21 – Jan. 1 – Christmas Break, NO LESSONS
Jan. 4 – Lessons Resume

Live Shows to see in KC
“A live performance is worth at least three private lessons.”-Doug Aurwarter

9/26 – Audra McDonald -Broadway

9/21 – Taylor Swift -pop

10/10 –Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan -mariachi

10/15 – Dr. John – funk/jazz

10/18 – Jake Shimabukuro

ukulele master

11/29 – Lights and The Mowgli’s – alternative rock

12/8 – The Who – 70s rock

12/15 – Straight No Chaser

a cappella 

Technology & Music

– These Apps for SINGERS are awesome!



This simple app allows the singer to enter a melody and then try out different harmonies. Harmonize will play back the creation in two- or three-part harmony, and the user can save it for later reference.

Do Re Mi Ear Training

As the name suggests, this is a solfège ear-training system. What makes it unusual is that rather than playing single intervals for the musician to identify, it creates longer and longer musical phrases that continuously challenge the ear.


Vocal Mastery Warm-Ups

 Never be unprepared for an audition, show or recording session with Vocal Mastery Warm-Ups for your iPhone!  Using the warm up techniques from the Vocal Mastery program written by renowned vocal coach Leigh McRae, this app will get your voice into a state where you are ready to sing to your maximum potential.

KCRB Teacher Spotlight: 

Mallory Beery – Voice & Piano Teacher 


Mallory Buford– Voice & Piano

Mallory just joined KCRB this August!! Mallory has room in her schedule on Mondays and Thursdays, so call ASAP to get a spot with her!   Get to know Mallory with the interview below.

Music background and education: My mom was always very musical & I always wanted to play the piano like her. So I started studying music by taking private piano lessons. I always auditioned for roles in church plays and then promptly joined choir and band as soon as I could. I was involved in all things music throughout school. I started taking private vocal lessons in high school and loved competing in Solo and Ensemble Events. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri and am certified to teach K-12 general and vocal music. I have taught elementary music (K-8) in public schools for the last three years & love the opportunities to teach privately through KCRB!

Favorite Music Genre: anything Top 40s

Current song stuck in your head: “Brave” by Sara Bareilles

Favorite Food: steak & potatoes!

Interesting Performance You’ve Done: In college, I played the role of a geisha in a production of The Mikado (a comic opera). That was pretty interesting! Ha!

Hobbies besides music: running, horseback riding, baking, traveling

Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect

Birthdate and Place: August 23, 1990 in KC

Favorite Vacation: Thailand – they have the best food & the nicest people!

Favorite thing about teaching music: I get to hangout with some awesome kiddos & see them learn to love creating music!!

Newsletter Essay

Buying Your/Your Child’s First Guitar

by Matt Crandall

For me, needing to spend a significant amount of money on an item, when I have no idea what I’m doing, makes me feel completely overwhelmed.   Just imagining needing to get my car fixed for a tick/cough/sputter makes my blood pressure rise.

You may find yourself in this situation when purchasing your first guitar or a guitar for your child. (Don’t worry!  They are not nearly as expensive or as complicated as cars–**phew**)  If you’re in the market for your first guitar, or know someone who is, here’s a helpful guide to get your started:

Acoustic – Adults and kids with almost grown-up hands

Plan to spend $200-$400 for a beginner acoustic guitar.  I like Martin, Fender, and Alvarez acoustic guitars.  A model I like in this price range is the Fender CD-60.  There are cheaper guitars for sale, but they tend to fall out of tune quickly and not have as good a sound.  Buying a used guitar is a great way to save some money.  Most guitar shops sell used instruments

Acoustic – younger students

For a younger student (ages 6—12ish, depending on body/hand size),  I recommend a 1/2 or 3/4 size guitar or thin-body guitar.  I really like the Baby Taylor guitar for smaller students.  Also, nylon string guitars made by Lucida, model LG510 are great.  Nylon strings do not hurt like steel strings and are easier to press down—which is important for young hands!

Next month we’ll tackle Electric Guitars!   Good luck, and let me know if I can help in your search!

September 2015 Newsletter