Hello KCRB students!

I recently watched an incredible TED talk by neuroscientist Lisa Genova titled, “What You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s”. Genova says Alzheimer’s doesn’t have to be our destiny—even without further development in medicine. How can this be? Lifelong learning and engaging in mentally stimulating activities stops Alzheimer’s, even with other Alzheimer’s inducing factors in one’s life such as genetics, poor sleep and diet!

I watched my grandmother suffer from Alzheimer’s for the last 15 years of her life, so this news is very meaningful to me. Genova explains the concept of neural plasticity – every time we learn something new, we are creating and strengthening new brain connections, like multiple highways in our brain going to the same destinations. The more you learn, the more connections your brain has to any given subject. When the plaque that results in Alzheimer’s attacks a certain brain pathway, we still have other ways to “detour” around the unhealthy portion of our brain and continue to function at a high level.

I encourage you to watch the entire TED talk here; it’s only 13 minutes and well worth it! May it inspire you to learn something new and keep your brain healthy!

Laura Lee Crandall, owner, KCRB

Student of the Month – Ellen Lund

           Congratulations to Ellen for being selected as the Student of the Month!   Ellen has taken ukulele lessons with Laura Lee Crandall for one year and joined the Elementary Rock Band this summer! She is a great learner and full of joy! Here’s a little about Ellen:

Why did you choose ukulele? Because of Grace Vandevaal.
What is your favorite song you’ve learned so far? Count on Me by Bruno Mars and Hey Soul Sister by Train.
What do you like about learning music? I’ve always liked singing, so I thought having an instrument would make it even better!
Have you enjoyed Rock Band Class? Yes! It’s fun playing with a group, not just by myself.
What are your other hobbies? Cooking, reading, and singing.
What school do you attend? Briarwood

Way to go, Ellen, on your hard work, great attitude,
and enthusiasm for music!

Welcome our newest piano teacher, Sara Jenkins!

Sara Jenkins joined our teaching team this summer. She’s an amazing teacher that is kind, patient, and fun! Sara has 15 years teaching experience in the public schools and private lessons. If you’d like to take lessons with Sara, contact us quickly as her schedule is already getting full!



Fall Rock Bands will begin in September!  

Reserve your student’s spot now in these fun and engaging classes! Bands have coached rehearsals for one hour each week and performances. Rock Bands are a great place to put into practice what students learn in lessons.   Call or email for more info!

Beating Alzheimer’s by Learning Something New