Practice Tips Booklet – Do you have yours?

Hello and Happy Summer! We are having a wonderful start to summer at KCRB with lots of new students and a new Elementary Rock Band!

Three years ago, I created a booklet of practice tips I have developed over my years in music. I just printed up a fresh batch and have been handing them out to our students. If you don’t have one, please let me, or your teacher, know! Many parents and students have found it helpful for understanding the nature of practice, and tips for helpful and fun practice. I spent many years practicing ineffectively with slow results, which was frustrating and discouraging.

So grab a practice booklet and learn strategies for getting the most out of your musical education. And if you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I love to talk about all things music and practice.

And now for a summer challenge: music students—play your music for someone once a week! A parent, friend, other family members, strangers on the street…whoever you can find! Music is even more fun when you get to share it with someone.

-Laura Lee Crandall, owner, KCRB – (816)419-8526

Student of the Month – Hank Bannen

Congratulations to Hank for being selected as the Student of the Month! He has been studying guitar with Matt Crandall for a year and a half and this summer Hank joined the Elementary Rock Band! He’s been doing great and learning a ton! Here’s a bit about Hank:

Why did you choose the guitar? Because my dad was listening to tons of music in the car!
What is your favorite song you’ve played so far? That’s tricky! There lots of good ones. The two I like this time are Living on a Prayer and Beat It.
What is your favorite part about playing the guitar? It’s hard! (It gives him a challenge!)
What are your non-music hobbies? Reading, playing video games and playing outside. And also getting wet!

Congratulations, Hank!

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July Newsletter – Practice Tips Booklet!