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May is already here – SUMMER is just around the corner!   Our teaching schedule doesn’t change from season to season, but I know many people have more time to try out lessons during the summer.  If you’ve been considering it, jump on board!

New students who sign up between
NOW and JUNE 10 get a special discount on their first month!
Call (816)419-8526 for more info.
Summer is also a great time to try out something a little different.  If you’ve been taking piano, why not add voice lessons too?  Or if you’ve only studied rock guitar, ask your teacher about folk or jazz!   Some students also find summer a great time to begin taking hour lessons and learn more.
Please note that we are closed Memorial Weekend–including the Thursday before, May 26th and Monday, May 30.  If you ever have questions about schedule, check our website   It’s kept very up-to-date!

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Congrats to all the musicians who participated in the Spring Concert.  It was a huge success!  Parents – emails were sent out with concert pics.  Please contact us if you didn’t receive yours.
Rock Band Openings & New Class being added!   We are adding a new Rock Band Class on Thursday evenings beginning June 2. Time TBA. The Monday night band (5:30-6:30) also has summer openings for all instruments.  Please contact us ASAP if you’d like a spot in either band.

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Student of the Month – Ewan Wagner

Ewan has been taking drum set lessons for six months with Laura Lee.  He has a great attitude and consistently shows up prepared lessons!

1. Why did you start taking drum lessons?
So I could try out for jazz band at school.
2. What are some of your favorite things you’ve learned so far on drums with Laura Lee?
3. What are you looking forward to learning in the upcoming year?
Different types of music
4. What’s another hobby you have besides drums?
5. What’s your favorite food?
Cheese Burgers
6. Any practice tips for other students?
Don’t give up.

Way to go, Ewan!  Congratulations on being chosen as the student of the month. Keep drumming!

Practice Tip of the Month

Figure Out What Motivates you

When our son has a good practice session on the piano, he gets a reward of a small piece of chocolate.  At five years old, this is highly meaningful to him and knowing it is coming can mean the difference between a practice session with a good attitude and no whining, or a frustrating one for all involved.  The same premise works with all ages.  (I mean, chocolate is motivating for me too!)   Practice of any discipline is not always fun, but having a consistent reward of some sort can be a wonderful tool to help develop the habit.  Brainstorm to come up with a little reward that will help keep you, or your student, motivated on days that practice isn’t coming so easily.  Some ideas I’ve heard:  video game time, small amount of money, favorite dinner, earning points towards a larger goal or a new instrument, etc.
Good luck, and let us know what your practice motivators are!
-from Laura Lee
Happy Bday to Us! KCRB is 3 years old!