Looking for something fun to do? Join us at Evangel Church’s annual Fireworks event! KCRB will be performing along with other bands, and all are welcome at this fun, free community party!

Besides a fantastic fireworks display and live music, there are inflatables for kids, cheap meal deals, and other fun events. We’d love to see you there.

When: Saturday, June 25th (KCRB performing at 5:30pm)
Where: 1414 E 103rd St. KC, MO 64131

Last year’s KCRB performance at this event:Rock Bands performing

Welcome new students who enrolled within the last month!

Jasper – London – SeirraLeone – Landon – Mathew – Bailey
Caleb – Zahne – Lillian – Ashley – Marie
Emmalai – Pierre – Richardson

music studentMeet our summer KCRB Intern Izzy Heller

Be sure to say hello to our summer intern, Izzy! She’ll be helping out at in the front waiting area and in rehearsals. Izzy has been a long- time KCRB student and a hard-working, talented musician.

KCRB teachers regularly perform in public! Here’s a sampling of their concerts coming up. It’s so fun to see your teacher perform! Google these events for addresses and more details.

6/25 – All teachers – Evangel Fireworks Party, 5:30pm
7/1 – Michael English w/The Ronni Ward Band @ Christine’s Firehouse, 7-11pm
7/3 – Michael English w/The Ronni Ward Band @ Music in the Park-Blue Springs, MO, 6-8pm
7/6 – Matt Crandall w/312th Army Band – Lawrence, KS Summer Concert Series, 7:15pm
7/17 – Matt Crandall w/312th Army Band – Nelson- Atkins Museum, Kansas City’s Big Picnic, 5:00pm

Our teaching schedules are getting VERY full –
if you’ve been waiting to sign up for lessons, please do so ASAP!

Practice Tips of the Month

NPR has several great articles on practicing music effectively. Below are two tips I want to highlight this month. You can read the entire article by searching for “NPR 10 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Music Practice”.

Don’t always start at the beginning every time.
Maximize your time and your willpower. It can feel really good to hear yourself playing the beginning of a piece beautifully, but you may wind up wasting the limited time and energy you have if that’s where you start every time. (Also, it leads to performances that start strong and end…not so strong.) Choose a spot later in your piece, song, or riff and try to start there. It’s an added challenge to start in the middle, and that way the end will be just a strong as the beginning!

Challenge yourself — physically.

Especially if you’re trying to wrestle down an element that you find problematic, scientific researchers say that if you add a physical challenge to the difficult task, such as trying to play that part while standing on one leg or while walking, your brain is likely to start carving out new neural pathways — and the original task will be easier when you return to just doing that.

Summer Performances, and why to practice music standing on one foot.