Happy Fall, KCRB family!
           First off – Congratulation to all the students that participated in the Fall Recital—AMAZING JOB! We are so proud of every one of you! The weather was surprisingly warm (I got a sun burn! ) and it was so much fun to see everyone showing off what they’ve been learning. Each one of you are wonderful.
As we move into colder weather, here’s a reminder of our inclement weather plans:
         Because of the afternoon/evening time of lessons, we do not follow school district closings. If weather is threatening to make the roads unsafe to drive, a text and email will be sent out by 2pm and we will offer all lessons over Facetime, Google Duo, or Zoom.
         If we are having lessons but you don’t feel comfortable driving, please let me know as soon as you can and we can try to arrange a video lesson with your teacher!

        Thank you for being incredible music students. You guys are a blast to work with and watch grow musically. Make sure you note the holiday closings and upcoming make-up lessons at the bottom of this page. See you soon!
Laura Lee Crandall, owner KCRB

Student of the Month – Lydia McColligan

Lydia McColligan has been taking guitar lessons at KCRB for a little over two years!  Her current teacher is Josh Talley.  Lydia has been learning a ton and making great progress each week.  Congratulations on all your hard work, Lydia!  Here’s a little more about Lydia:

Grade and School:   6th grade, Trailwood Elementary, OP
Why did you choose guitar?  I saw my teacher at school play an acoustic and loved it so much that I had to learn how to play for myself!
Favorite song you’ve learned so far:   “Rainbow Connection” by Kermit (the Frog)
Musical goals:  To learn lots of new songs and play a concert by myself.
Other hobbies:   Soccer, art, drawing
Any advice for new musicians?  Don’t get frustrated at first.  Keep practicing and you will get it eventually!


Music practice tip:  Find the best time

Finding the best time to practice for YOU can be helpful in creating a habit of regular music play.  What works best for you and your family?  A quick 10 minute practice before school or work?  Your lunch break?  Maybe 30 minutes before bed.  Keep it consistent and keep it fun, and you’ll find your practice times are more effective. 

     When school started this fall, I had to change up my schedule and pick a new time to play drums (I figured having a constant drum beat in the background might not be best for my kids trying to do school over Zoom.)  Now I really look forward to the set window of time I get to go down to the basement and play each day.  Knowing I probably won’t get to play later makes me prioritize the moments I do have.

      My boys’ practice time is different per kid—my younger two are home all day, so they practice in the afternoon.  My older son needs a little down time after school, so he prefers to practice after dinner.

          This week, choose a daily practice time and keep it as an appointment with yourself.  If it’s not a good fit, try another time next week! 

Happy Fall!