It’s show time!  On November 19 and 20, we will be hosting our fall recitals, and we are very excited!  All the KCRB teaches love seeing our students share their music and be celebrated for all they have learned.  The recitals are free and open to friends and family, so even if you aren’t performing, please come cheer on the other musicians and enjoy the shows. 

   When: November 19 and 20, both at 6:00pm (each night will feature different students)

 Where: Evangel Youth Building – 1414 E 103rd St. Kansas City, MO 64131.  The Youth Building is behind the back parking lot.

    We’ve also recently added a few new teachers to the KCRB team!  This month, I’m featuring our newest piano teacher– Bethany Linville.  Bethany began playing piano at age 5 and French horn in the 5th grade.  She received her Bachelor’s in Music Education from the University of Kansas and has been a member of the 312th Army Reserve Band for 13 years.   She teaches Elementary Music in the North Kansas City School District.

   Bethany has had many opportunities to travel to perform music, including at the Final Four Basketball and National Championship games in the NCAA tournament with KU, and to Washington State and Colorado with the Army.

    Fun non-musical fact about Bethany—she loves otters and recently a group of her friends bought her an otter experience at the Tanganyika Wildlife Park! She got to be in a room with three otters and has a picture with on otter standing her knee.

      Bethany is full of life and loves music, and we are excited to have her on the KCRB teaching team.     Check out her practice ideas below!

Bethany’s Practice Tips:

  1. Look for patterns
    1. How many times is the melody or rhythm played throughout the song? 
    2. Does the melody have the same shape, but is played a note higher or lower? 
    3. Do the notes in the melody outline any chords you know?
  2. Break it down
    1. If you’re struggling with a couple of measures out of a song, isolate them and just work on those few measures.  Then start playing the measures after or adding the measures before so you can put it in context.  
    2. Try tapping the rhythm on your legs or instrument. Once you have the rhythm down and any coordination you might need, add the melody or harmony back in.
    3. Remember to think about the note names rather than just guessing. You will learn songs much faster if you take the time to work on the notes and rhythms!
  3. Have fun!
    1. If something is frustrating, step away and take a walk.  Come back when your head is cleared!
    2. Go back and play songs from earlier in the book or an easier level that you enjoyed playing. 
    3. Figure out some of your favorite songs by listening to them or find a YouTube tutorial.

Student of the Month – Jaylen Anderson-Fouch

Jaylen has been taking guitar lessons for a year and a half at KCRB with Josh Talley as her teacher.  Josh chose Jaylen because of her consistent hard work at the guitar!  Way to go, Jaylen!  Here’s a little more about her:

Age: 11

School and Grade: 6th grade, Nowlin Middle School

Why did you start taking guitar lessons?  Guitar is the coolest and it sounds really good.

What’s your favorite song you’ve learned so far?  Let It Be

Do you play any other instruments? I play clarinet at school.

What do you like about playing music?  That there are a bunch of different genres to listen to and play.

Favorite Superhero?  Spiderman!!!

Any advice for other student musicians?  Josh’s catch phrase –“Do it again!”

Congratulations, Jaylen—we’re proud of you!

It’s Show Time!