Being involved in music throughout my life has taught me a lot, even besides the obvious parts of technique, reading music, etc.  The extra-musical skills I’ve gained have made me who I am and developed my personality in ways I have only just started realizing.    You can read all over the internet or in educational journals about the general benefits of learning music, but this blog series is going to be on my (Laura Lee’s) personal experience in life and how the study and performance of music has made me who I am.

Part 1:  Discipline

It started with me as a 5 year old, sitting at a piano bench listening to the kitchen timer tick away my allotted practice time each week.   Mom, if I never said it, thank you for setting that timer and making me stick with my practice!

It took years of guidance from my parents during my practice sessions before it became my own thing.   It was high school before I really dove in and took ownership of my musical education, practicing on my own and being completely responsible for all that music lessons and band required.  But those years of regular practice being a part of my life taught me a model of discipline.  I got to see the direct results of practicing well (or not) over time in how I performed in lessons, auditions, or performances.

Of course, being disciplined isn’t always easy for me.  I can be lazy and procrastinate like anyone (I meant to write this post weeks ago ; )  but having years of training in music and getting to see the results of such diligent hard work has definitely shaped who I am today, and I am so grateful.

Music: What’s in it for me? Part 1