It’s hard to imagine my life without the friends I have made through music.  Music, like many extra-curricular activities, brings one into contact with people whose path’s we may otherwise never cross.  Since music is usually a group activity, either by performing in a group or by playing for others, human interaction is just part of the deal!

In the course of making music with people, I’ve been forced to stretch and see things from other points of view, to modify how I’m playing to fit with what works best for the group, to be more patient, to recognize my own weak spots, and to just be a nicer person to work with.  Sometimes the growth has been hard, but it’s always been good.  And it has also brought deeper, more genuine friendships than I would have otherwise had.  When you play music with a person, you get to see them mess up and get frustrated.  You have to work out problems together.  You also get the opportunity to have victorious,  artistically awesome performances together that leave you feeling on top of the world.  Those kinds of relationships have developed into some of the deepest of friendships I have.

Music: What’s in it for me? Part 2 – Friendship