Hello KCRB students and families!

     Over the past month I had several conversations with students and their parents about practicing at home—what that should look like, how to be motivated to do it, and how to practice effectively.  If you are new to music, this can be tricky to figure out!   (And really—even if a person is a seasoned musician, there are times it’s hard for us to prioritize practice, too!)

      But here’s the real truth—practicing is KEY to success.  Consistent practice, outside of a weekly lesson, is essential for anyone to improve on their instrument.  Growth does not happen without it. 

    For the next few newsletters, I will focus on different ideas that have helped me and other musicians practice effectively and enjoyably!  Let’s begin:

      TIP 1: Cut out the Friction. Friction, in this situation, is anything that makes practicing harder.  Ideas to cut out friction: Keep your guitar OUT of the case—it’s that much easier to pick it up.  Keep your music on the piano, ready to go.  Have a good music stand so you’re not craning your neck to see your music on a chair.

     Keep your instrument in a room you like to be in, with everything you need.  (When I was very little, our family piano was in our unfinished basement and I was scared to be down there by myself.  I fought and rushed through my practice times because I hated the room!)  Make it a place you like to be, inviting and ready to go for anytime you are ready to play.  There are lots of other ways to cut out friction—think through your situation and how you can smooth the path.

   Watch for next month’s practice tip, and let me know how you’re implementing this one!
  Laura Lee Crandall

Student of the Month – Leta Wiloid

   Leta Wiloid has been taking piano lessons at KCRB for 1 year, with teacher Patricia Eccles. Leta loves to play piano and is doing a fantastic job!    Here’s a little more about her:

Age: 9
School: Red Bridge Elementary
Why did you start taking lessons?  My friend went here, and I was very interested in piano!
What’s your favorite song you’ve learned so far? The Dreidel Song
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A fashion designer
Favorite super hero? Captain Underpants!

We’re proud of you, Leta!  Keep rocking!

Tip #1 – Effective and Enjoyable Music Practice