This month, we are having “Peer Performances” at KCRB on February 26 and 27.  These are laid-back, casual, mini performances our students will do during the last few minutes of their regular lesson time for one other student and their teacher.   Each student plays something they are working on for this small audience—no need to be perfect or “recital ready”!  We host these for students to meet other musicians, get opportunities to perform in small, low-pressure environments, and hear what other students are working on!   The last round of Peer Performances was a great success, boosting confidence and giving students a goal to work towards!

I also have recently checked out these two music learning apps you may want to try out:
Perfect Ear this app has some great ear training exercises – melodic and rhythmic, and some music theory training. 
Music Tutor (Sight-Reading) by Jsplash Apps is free, user friendly, and improves note identification one note at a time. It includes timed exercises to help you improve your reading speed, lets you review your test results to show you what you missed, and keeps track of your progress.
Best wishes!
  Laura Lee Crandall
 Owner, KC Rock Band & Guitar School of Music

Teacher Spotlight – Patricia Eccles
Last Fall we added a wonderful teacher to the KCRB team–I’m pleased to introduce Patricia Eccles, our newest piano and voice teacher!  Patricia has years of teaching experience to her credit, not only as a private piano and vocal teacher, but also in public and private schools in Kansas City.   Music is a passion for her, and she loves to share it with others.
     Patricia has her B.A in Music: Piano and Voice, from Fort Hays State University and her Master’s in Education from the University of Kansas. 
     Patricia is an accomplished pianist and organist and performs around the city for choirs, special events, and many church services and Masses.  She has also directed choirs and held the position of Director of Music. 
     We’re so pleased to have another teacher of incredibly high caliber join our team!

Student of the Month — AJ Johns

AJ has been a guitar student at KCBR for a year and a half, first with teacher Josh Talley and now with Matt Crandall.  Matt chose to feature AJ this month because, “AJ comes in always ready to learn and try new things.  He has made good gains on guitar playing—note reading, chord playing, and music theory.”  You’re killin’ it, AJ!  Here’s a little more about him:

Why did you decide to take lessons?  I always loved music, and was curious to learn to play myself. 
What do you like about music?  The art and messages people create, telling a story. 
Favorite song you’ve learned so far?  Teddy Swim – Lose Control
Any advice for others curious about starting lessons?  You’ll make a lot of mistakes, but as long as you’re having fun, you’ll learn!

Peer Performances and Music Learning Apps