KCRB Winter Recitals!

Friday December 1, 6:00pm -and- Saturday December 2, 10:00am
 All students are invited to participate in these fun, low-pressure recitals to share what they have been learning with family and friends! Please check your email for the sign-up form!  


Peer Performances – November 27 & 28

            The week of recitals, we will arrange “peer performances” — students will play for one another during the last 10 minutes of their lesson times. This will give students a feel for playing in front of others before the recital and give them an opportunity to meet fellow students!  We plan to continue the “Peer Performances” every other month throughout the year.  Students will have a goal date to work towards and a low-pressure opportunity to play for another person.  


So, you’ve been playing your instrument for a little while now and having a good time—but what’s the next step?  Join one of our Rock Band Classes!   We see great growth in our musicians when they join a band and learn how the things they are learning in private lessons apply in a group setting:  

  • Bands motivate students to practice and learn their part to support their band
  • Students are challenged to try new songs and genres
  • They are inspired by other student musicians they meet
  • They enjoy the FUN of playing with others!

Call us at (816)419-8526 to find out about joining a Band at KC Rock Band & Guitar!


Student of the Month – Debbit Vitt

Debbie, piano student of the monthDebbie is a voice student at KC Rock  Band & Guitar, with teacher Karren Schiele.   Karren chose her this month because she has been a great student, willing to stretch out of her comfort zone and sing songs in a higher range.  Fantastic job, Debbie!  Here’s a little more from Debbie:

Why did you decide to take lessons?  
        I chose to start voice lessons because it was something I have wanted to do for a long time.  Since my 4 children are all adults now, I decided it was time to do something I wanted to do.  I sing in the choir and I am a cantor at my church.  I noticed as I age, the high notes weren’t coming out so well and I wanted to feel more confident in my voice.
 What are you liking most about your lessons?
Karren is always upbeat and positive.  I’ve learned the high notes are still there and I’m learning how to sing them correctly. 
 Any advice for other adult music students?

     It’s never too late in life to develop a talent you knew you always had and to have fun with it!


Winter Recitals coming up!