Are you as excited about Spring as I am?! This season change is my favorite. I become a new person when the sun starts shiing and I can go outside without a coat! Spring also means a student concert here at KC Rock Band & Guitar, and if you’d like to see the amazing music our students are creating, please join us on April 21 and 22, at 5:30pm!   As always, concerts are free and open to the public!


On Sunday, April 9th, both of our Rock Band classes participated in a High School Battle of the Bands at Califonos in Westport.   It was a wonderful experience for them to perform and see students around their age doing the same! We are so proud of them and every student we have! You guys are awesome!

Interested in taking lessons this summer? Contact me and we’ll get you started!

-Laura Lee Crandall, owner, KCRB 


Student of the Month – Caleb Goodbrake

Caleb has been studying guitar at KCRB for 1 year with Michael English and Matt Crandall and he joined the Monday Rock Band in the Fall of 2016. Caleb has shown great initiative learning guitar solos, practicing and improving huge amounts! He’s in 7th grade at Summit Lakes Middle School. Here’s a little about Caleb:

Why did you choose guitar?   A lot of songs I listened to had guitars in them, and I always loved that. I decided to start guitar so maybe one day I could play those same songs.

What’s your favorite song you’ve learned? Dream On by Aerosmith. I feel like it’s one of those “last songs” and also because there are so many solos. I loved learning them and playing them in front of people.

What do you like about Rock Band class? I get to play with other people. I love the performances because my mom and dad get to see my play and it makes them happy.

What are your other hobbies? I enjoy photography and am thankful to have a camera to pursue that hobby. And I feel like photography and music kind of tie into the same category.

Congratulations, Caleb! You’re doing GREAT!


Battle of the High School Bands!